Albireon is a silent place where we let emerge our inner fears, our subconscious thoughts, our deepest hopes, our unsaid nightmares.


Albireon is our fragile shield against the frightful shades of the black Sun and our deepest little hope in the bright soothing daylight.


Albireon 2006

Albireon Interviews!

:Ritual: #38, Ascension # 20 and Rosa Selvaggia!

31th October 2008 :

New cd+dvd "i passi di liù" out now on Palace of Worms !!!

Nikolaevka compilation out now on "Palace of Worms". Albireon offered an heartfelt tribute to Dino's Buzzati work with "Il Deserto dei Tartari".

Albireon featured on Final Muzik and Old Europa Cafè new compilations with Sonne Hagal's covers!

Oda Relicta "Czastvo Dukha" featuring Albireon, Lonsai Maikov and Dissonant Elephant available on Neuropa Records!

Albireon on David E. Williams Tribute 2CD album out now on Old Europa Cafè!!!

The year 2007 saw Albireon develop some new projects and collaborations and slowly working on the new album called "Le fiabe dei ragni funamboli" . A special split ep with Sonne Hagal was released in a limited edition on Final Muzik and two cool gig were played in Reggio Emilia and in Ferrara supporting CMI-act All My Faith Lost..

Still facing the black sun and the hope of daylight....

17th July 2008 : A joyful Summer for Albireon. After the birth of our beloved Maria Chiara, we are glad to announce that Palace of Worms ( shall release the new work "i passi di liù" on Fall 2008. This work shall be a moody and experimental collections of memories of a lost beloved one and will be released as a regular digipack edition with artwork by Massimo Romagnoli and a limited edition featuring cd+dvd, with an astonishing film created by Albireon on the music of "i passi di liù". An exclusive Albireon track featuring japanese madman Kenji Siratori, "Strange God", is available on the first downloadable online compilation by Darkroom Magazine (

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