25th of May 2008 : After the successful gigs in Prato ( a wonderful night, thanks to everyone involved in it and a very warm audience) and Reggio Emilia, we are proud of appearing in two very interesting compilations with our humble hommage to Sonne Hagal! "Un cavallo senza nome" (cover verison of amazing "A horse with no name" was featured on the massive OEC 100 7-CD compilation (Old Europa Cafè) and a new version of "Eismhad" called "Spighe 2008" appear on the "Program Volume 1" promotional compilation. We are slowly progressing on "I passi di liù" new album and release date and label shall be announced very soon. A cd+dvd version iscurrently being discussed....

March 21th 2008 : Oda Relicta "Czrastvo Dukha" featuring Albireon, Lonsai Maikov and Dissonat Elephant is available on Neuropa Rec. and Old Europa Cafè. Few copies are available at our address.

February, 28th 2008: Albireon will play on 19th April 2008 at Siddharta Club (Prato-Italy) at "First Folk Alert", a very special event organized by Energyzone and Old Europa Cafè together with Yggdrasill (Ita), Naevus feat. John Murphy (UK) and Rome (Lux). Be there! Albireon will play on 11th April at Reggio Emilia's Tunnel for a special evening for Grotesque!

March, 24th 2007 SONNE HAGAL / ALBIREON "Ähren" 10" Split EP (Final Muzik) FMV01.

SONNE HAGAL “The Blank Rune (æ version)”, ALBIREON “Spighe”

(cover version of “Eismahd” by Sonne Hagal, with Italian lyrics by

Davide Borghi.

Limited to 60 numbered copies.


Another italian cover version of Sonne Hagal recorded by Albireon is "Un Cavallo Senza Nome" (A Horse with No Name) and was released on the DONEC AT METAM NF004 online compilation and you can download it at on the "productions" section.